Outdoor EDC Leather Sheath Waist Bag



Product ID:                            BG2021026
Bag Type:                              Waist Bag
Bag Material:                          Leather
Pattern Type:                         Solid Color
Color:                                    Black,Brown
Style:                                    Casual,Sporty
Occasion:                              Ourdoor,Daily,Climbing
Closure Type:                         Opened
Product Size:                          15.2cm*Long x 13.5cm Wide
Space Placement:                   2 Pockets Sheath; Left pocket W:48mm/1.89in;Right pocket W:64mm/2.5in; 
Characteristic:                        Scientific induction, small and reasonable, molle design, effective storage of a variety of EDC tools, leather sheath for knives, the tool belt sheath used for flashlights, edc knives, tactical pens, tool pliers, edc tools etc. Suitable for a variety of models of Leatherman.


Package included: 

Outdoor EDC Leather Sheath Waist Bag
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